Valley Youth Theatre Celebrates the Academy Awards

Playhouse hosts red carpet and Champagne viewing party for the Oscars 2018

Valley Youth Theatre hosted Oscar at the Oscars on March 4 at their own playhouse in downtown Phoenix. More than 100 guests attended the invitation-only viewing party, presented by Billie Jo Herberger and co-hosted by Oscar De las salas.


The festivities, held simultaneously with the 90th Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, kicked off with a red carpet where guests displayed their best Hollywood glam fashions.

During the cocktail reception, invitees enjoyed finger foods from Tarbell’s. The program began with the VYTeens performing “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

De las salas welcomed the crowd and gave special recognition to loyal VYT supporters. He handed Oscar Awards to Gary Jackson (Best Friend), Sara Dial (Best Leader), Hope Ozer (Best Founder), Letitia Frye (Best Dress), Simon Russell (Best Trivia) and Traci Chandler (Best Event Chair.) A special Oscar Award, Most Amazing, went to Billie Jo Herberger.

Auctioneer Letitia Frye spoke about the importance of the 2018 VYTal Affair gala, which will take place Aug. 18, 2018. VYT encourages young people to overcome their fears by building self-confidence and self-esteem while they learn how to act, sing and dance. Over the past five seasons alone, VYT has made an impact on more than 200,000 children and their families through public and school performances, workshops and youth development programs.


Bobb and Karol Cooper; Oscar De las salas and Gary Jackson. PHOTOS BY DURANT PHOTOGRAPHY

Lisa Bell, Tracey Lytle, Irma Deihl, Micheline Etkin and Chandra Bonfiglio. PHOTO BY ELENA THORNTON

Oscar De las salas, Billie Jo Herberger and Judd Herberger. PHOTO BY DURANT PHOTOGRAPHY

Sara and Patrick Dial; Traci and Joe Chandler. PHOTOS BY DURANT PHOTOGRAPHY

VYTeens performing “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman

Irma Deihl, Letitia Frye and Vicki Vaughn competing for the Oscar Best Dress Award. PHOTO BY JAM SANI PHOTOGRAPHY


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