The Magic of Napoli

Ballet Arizona partners with The Phoenix Symphony to present an uplifting and festive ballet

Ballet Arizona is partnering with The Phoenix Symphony to bring performing art lovers the magic of Napoli*, an uplifting and festive ballet featuring the musical accompaniment of The Phoenix Symphony orchestra.

Sun., July 12, beginning at 9 a.m., viewers will be transported to beautiful Italy as The Phoenix Symphony musicians and Ballet Arizona dancers join together to present Act I of Napoli.

The story continues and Act II will be presented Sun., July 19, and Act III finale July 26.

These performances will be available exclusively on The Phoenix Symphony YouTube page.

Sun., July 12, 2020 | Napoli Act I | The Phoenix Symphony YouTube Page

The story begins with a bustling wharf in Naples swarming with people. The widow Veronica enters with her beautiful daughter Teresina, who is courted by two older, but rich, men named Peppo and Giacomo. Teresina, however, wants neither of them, and waits with longing for the young fisherman Gennaro. When Gennaro returns from sea, he and Teresina go to find Veronica and try to convince her that they should wed. Luckily for them, this task proves relatively easy once she sees how true the young couple’s love is. Gennaro and Teresina set out on a moonlight sail on the Gulf. Suddenly a violent storm breaks out and the festivities come to an end. Gennaro is brought to land unconscious. Everyone thinks Teresina has drowned and Veronica curses the young fisherman. He is comforted by Fra Ambrosio, the local monk who gives him a picture of the Virgin Mary and sends him out to sea again in search for Teresina.

Sun., July 19, 2020 | Napoli Act II | The Phoenix Symphony YouTube Page

The second act takes place in the Blue Grotto, a magical place ruled by the sea spirit Golfo. The lifeless Teresina is brought into the grotto where Golfo is fascinated by her beauty and changes her into a naiad. When Gennaro sails into the grotto, his Teresina no longer recognizes her fisherman because of the transformation. Even their favorite melody cannot awaken her memories, but the picture of the Virgin Mary vanquishes the magic power inside her. She regains her human form and the sea spirit retreats so Teresina and Gennaro can leave the grotto.

Sun., July 26, 2020 | Napoli Act III | The Phoenix Symphony YouTube Page

When Teresina and Gennaro return, the townsfolk are suspicious because they believed Teresina to be dead. Gennaro is still shunned by the others who are afraid of his possible partnership with evil forces. But after he has been blessed by the monk and Veronica gives her approval, the wedding celebration begins.

*Videos will be from a prerecorded performance

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