Legacy Luncheon

Ladies of the Court host 2nd annual fundraiser

The Ladies of the Court, the Women’s Board of the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute, hosted their second annual Legacy Luncheon on May 10 at the Arizona Biltmore. Following the success of Laura Bush as the guest for last year’s event, Dr. Jill Biden, former second lady, spoke about her new book Where the Light Enters, Building a Family, Discovering Myself. Guests at the event each left with a copy of the book. She was introduced by Caryll Kyl.

The luncheon menu was based on Biden’s recipe for Parmesan Chicken, which she often serves on a typical Sunday evening at the Biden home. In addition, chefs at the Arizona Biltmore prepared the former second lady’s Vegetable Chips with Bleu Cheese Dip and Sweet and Spicy Pecans. The meal was entirely gluten-free.

Following Biden’s presentation, the Honorable Ruth McGregor, former chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, conducted a parlor conservation with her on stage.

Gena Bonsall and Penny Gunning co-chaired the luncheon.


Jacquie Dorrance, Margot Knight, Susie Small and Jane Jozoff

The Honorable Ruth McGregor and Dr. Jill Biden

Mac Perlich, Susie Silverman, Adrienne Schiffner and Linda Peshkin

Dr. Jill Biden and Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego; Dr. Jill Biden with O’Connor Scholar Molly Podlesny

Dr. Jill Biden and The Honorable Ruth McGregor

Ladies of the Court

Caryll Kyl, Dr. Jill Biden and Penny Gunning

O’Connor Institute Emerging Leaders Network with Dr. Jill Biden

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