Dinner of Dreams

The Baller Dream Foundation holds dinner series to lift the spirits of children battling cancer

The Baller Dream Foundation held its Inaugural Dinner of Dreams series on Nov. 18 at Silverleaf, and Nov. 19 at Mountain Shadows Resort. Both of these events were sold-out.

The Baller Dream Foundation was founded in 2013 by Frank DeBlasi after he beat testicular cancer. Its mission is to lift the spirits of children, young adults and their families battling cancer. Those they serve are not called patients or beneficiaries. They are referred to as “Ballers,” a modern-day term that suggests one is doing well, feeling well and in control. These “Ballers” are incredibly resilient, courageous and deserving of recognition.

The purpose of these events were to bring awareness to The Baller Dream Foundation in its hometown and celebrate five Ballers into the Ballerhood.

Nolan Hynes and Macie Schnepf entered Ballerhood at the Silverleaf Dinner of Dreams, along with Taytem Jackson, Francisco Martinez and Samantha Preston at Mountain Shadows Resort.

Personalized Solutions executed both Dinner of Dreams and Jonathan Levingston performed live music.


Frank DeBlasi, Taytem and Gunner Jackson

Marsha Petrie Sue and Al Sue

Frank DeBlasi with Elizabeth and CP Drewett

Samantha Preston and Jane D’Amelio

Frank DeBlasi, Nolan Hynes and Monica Monson

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