Kathryn Rector and Matthew Stieg Marry in Snowy Wonderland

Park City, Utah, wedding delivers wintertime magic.

Kathryn Roxanne Rector and Matthew Allen Stieg

High West Distillery & Saloon, Park City, Utah

January 2, 2017

Katy’s parents: Robyn Lee and Richard Alan Rector, Paradise Valley, Arizona
Matt’s parents: Kathryn Anne and Dr. Mark Allen Stieg, Scottsdale, Arizona
Flowers/décor: Tulips & Thyme
Photography: Buck Deitz Photography

Special moment: Katy asked for a snowy day, and the heavens came through, providing a magical winter wonderland.

Additional reception
The Rector Residence, Paradise Valley, Arizona
January 14, 2017
Flowers/décor: A Rosebrush

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-29 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-73 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-88 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-102 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-112 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-118 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-163 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-167 crop

BuckDeitzPhotography_Matt&KatyWedding-140 crop

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