58th Annual Heart Ball Dazzles in Black, White, Gold and Silver

Sold-out crowd of 800-plus raise funds for American Heart Association

The 58th Annual Heart Ball, chaired by Char Hubble, was an elegant affair that attracted a sold-out crowd of more than 800 guests to The Phoenician. Hubble selected the theme Infinite Hearts for the Nov. 18 black-tie soiree to recognize the infinite possibilities of finding health and healing.

Guests enjoyed cocktails in the foyer and dinner in the Phoenician ballroom, which was beautifully designed in black, white, gold and silver by Jose Graterol Designs. A variety of towering centerpieces and table shapes added to the interest. A special touch at dinner was the delivery of pre-dinner bourbon in flasks to male guests and martinis in shakers to female guests. The engraved containers were later retrieved by the wait staff and served as parting gifts. From the moment the ballroom doors opened, guests filled the floor to dance to the music of JB Project.

Jennifer Moser, Lynne Love, Char Hubble and Molly Stockley with Pamela Overton Risoleo, Peggy Goldwater Award recipient, and Carolyn Jackson

The executive committee included vice-chairmen Jennifer Moser and Molly Stockley, Sweetheart Lynne Love, chairman-elect Carolyn Jackson, and honorary chairs Sylvia and Joe Shoen.

Heart Ball funds support the work of the American Heart Association. Since its inception, Phoenix Heart Ball volunteers have raised more than $30 million to fight heart disease and stroke. Currently 10 Arizona researchers receive funding from the American Heart Association, totaling in excess of 1.3 million. Today, the Phoenix Heart Ball also is engaged in educational and preventative programs in the community, including the Halle Heart Children’s Museum, which is visited by more than 30,000 Arizona school children annually.


Sarah Love and Christine Gustafson

Jennifer Chase and Laurent Poole; Keith and Lori Zacher

Carey Pena, Bea Rocklin, Char Hubble and Nan Howlett

Carolyn and Craig Jackson; George and Sandra McGann

Francine Moore, Bea Rocklin, Tracey Lytle, Tina Majerle, Michelle Woodfield and Kim Lewin

Heidi Wright and Anne Marie Feldmann; Elizabeth Garrett and Lori Zacher

Tim and Maria Schantz; Lynne Love and Nan Howlett

Gustavo Tabares and Cionne McCarthy; Molly and Bob Stockley

Hillary Sher and Julie Belfer; Billie Jo Herberger and Linda Herold

Cooper Davis, Bill Hubble and Jim Risoleo

Jared and Melissa Lively; Julie and Mark Shelby

Mark Pass, Cauci Pass, Debra Wilson Straziscar and Terry Staziscar

Oscar De las salas and Gary Jackson

Penny Allee Taylor and Jeff Buel

Pete Gorraiz, Heidi Jannenga, Mayor Greg Stanton and Nicole Stanton, and Lauren Bailey

Rodney and Jill Riley; Dr. Robert and Camerone McCulloch; Rahula Kachar and Dr. Suzi Kochar

Ross West and Dr. Beverly West, and Felicia and Ryne Buycks

Royal Shoen and Reginald McKinley; Victoria Granberry, John Leeder and Masha Jobe

Ryan and Angela Lyles; Shigeki Makino and Diana Seeluang

Marilyn and John Hubble; Senator Jeff Flake and Cheryl Flake

Sheri Monet, Ben Lytle, Angela Glosser, Jeffrey Glosser, Zach Lytle and Jordan Beecham

Stefanie Lotz, Amanda Hayden, Raquel Miller, Denise Voss, Molly Sodja, Julie Burke, Jennifer Winnsinger, Clarissa Robinson and Heather Novak

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