The Spring Butterflies Are Back!

Desert Botanical Garden’s spring butterfly exhibit opens Feb. 24

This year again, Desert Botanical Garden offers visitors an up-close look at hundreds of North American butterflies that are fluttering back to the seasonal butterfly pavilion.

Sightseers can enjoy the beauty of colorful insects up close through May 13, while learning about their role as pollinators, characteristics of their lifecycles and the garden’s conservation efforts to protect them.

Butterflies such as painted ladies, zebra longwings and giant swallowtails fly among the garden plantings. Each week, hundreds of new butterflies arrive.

In addition, 100 new pupae will be added to the emergence chamber in the caterpillar nursery every week.

Desert Botanical Garden opened its new Butterfly Pavilion in March 2017 with an emphasis on educating patrons on all the life stages of butterflies, as well as the garden’s work to protect them.

A new spring family festival, Flutterfest, is alighting in the garden on March 10 – 11. Guests will hear tales about nature, make a treat for butterflies and other fluttery friends, visit the butterfly exhibit and dance to live music.

Spring Butterflies Exhibit

Feb. 24 – May 13


March 10 – 11

Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix

For more information, visit


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